The Quality of Window Screens

The purpose of a window screen is to keep insects, leaves, birds, and other animals from entering into your home. Plus, screen allows for inflow of fresh air.

Quality screen should be an important part of a good window design. Most of the screens are made from aluminum or vinyl coated fiberglass mesh. Mesh is installed onto the aluminum frame. To hold fiberglass mesh in place, it is laid over the frame. And flexible vinyl cord, called spline, is pressed onto the grove on the frame.

Window screens vary in quality greatly. Some manufacturers use low quality materials, which impacts overall screen design, and its durability. These screens have low quality plastic square corners that tend to yellow over time. Lower quality screens have usually roll-formed frame, which means that the frame is formed from rolled thin sheet of aluminum. Such frames tend to flex and rattle during stronger winds. Some of the low-grade screens tend to fall out of the windows during stronger winds due to the weak screen frames.

When shopping for replacement or new construction windows for your home, check the screens. High quality window screens will be durable, easy to open and clean, and will boast a longer life. They should be rigid enough so that they stay in your windows in the inclement weather. Plus, quality screens should add to the overall beauty of your windows.

OKNA ThruVision® Plus Window Screens

OKNA Windows offers factory-installed half screen with heavy-duty handle. Screens are removable from the inside for convenient storage. We also offer ThruVision Screens improving view thru the window protecting interior from insects and allowing perfect ventilation.
ThruVision Plus is our fiberglass visibility screen that improves the view by making it sharper and more vivid.

*Insect screen cannot support significant amounts of weight. Please keep small children and pets away from windows.

OKNOPLAST Window Screens

Installing a window screen does not require drilling holes in the window frame. Adjustable metal clips are used to mount the screen to the window without damaging the frame. Thanks to this method of installation, screens are easy to dismantle for cleaning and a great option for effective protection against insects.

Optional Pleaded Screen on HST Horizon Patio Door