Okna Casement

700 Casement

  • uPVC fusion welded beveled frame and sash for exceptional strength.
  • Triple weather stripping to prevent air, water, dust and noise infiltration.
  • High performance operators for corrosion resistance, effortless operation, and easy adjustability.
  • Heatseal warm edge spacer system for excellent thermal efficiency and drastic reduction in the possibility of condensation on the inside of your window.
  • Full fiberglass mesh screen.
  • Available in Replacement and New Construction applications.

Performance Numbers:
To see Thermal and Structural numbers for this window series please CLICK HERE to download.

All of our windows and doors are manufactured from high quality materials and are backed by a Transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty.

A progressive multi-point locking system allows for a weather-tight seal by drawing the sash firmly and securely to the master frame. The multi-point locking system also offers added security by providing additional points of reinforcement on the window.

The casement opens a full 90 degrees for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning from inside the home.

Folding style crank handles, standard on all casement windows, minimize interference with blinds and other window treatments.

WOCD latches available as an optional upgrade. WOCDs add an extra level of safety for you and your family. When activated, the device will allow the window to be opened no more than 4 inches. If you would like to open the window fully, you can deactivate the device and when you close the window the device automatically reactivates.

Available in White and Almond.

Interior Options

Our company offers five beautiful interior laminates in addition to the standard Euro-White and the optional Almond colored vinyl to give your home a distinct look.
All options, besides Euro-White, are available at an additional charge.

Exterior Options

OKNA Windows offers seven exterior stock color selections in addition to the standard Euro-White option to give your house a distinct look and enhance its curb appeal. You can also select custom exterior colors from a virtually unlimited selection of paints. Our paints are environmentally safe and durable, giving your exterior a vibrant and long-lasting color finish.
Exterior colors other than Euro-White must have full screen. All options, besides Euro-White, are available at an additional charge.
Please contact the certified dealer in your area for pricing.

*Surcharge applied for painted screens.


To create a style and finish that reflects your unique taste, our hardware is designed to harmonize with our different window styles and decor ideas.


GBG grilles consist of aluminum bars sealed in the insulation airspace between the two panes of glass. Because the interior and exterior glass surfaces are not affected, cleaning your windows is a much easier task.

Permanent interior and exterior grid with spacer will provide a truly authentic look. Interior grids are available in Euro-White or wood laminates to match your home’s decor. Exterior grids are available in Euro-White or colors to match product exterior.

Grid Patterns

Are you looking for a stunning design detail to instantly set your home apart both inside and out? A choice of decorative grilles for your OKNA Windows & Doors can highlight the architectural style that speaks to you.

Specialty Glass Options

OKNA Windows offers specialty glass in a variety of distinctive choices that add visual interest to any design while offering variability in light control. Our Regular Obscure glass for example, will be satifying to those looking for a more traditional look with obscure glass. This option is great for bathroom windows. Other available glass options are tempered, laminated, and custom configuration. With a range of options at your fingertips, you can find a standard glass texture for virtually every application and aesthetic, from traditional to modern.


OKNA Windows offers factory-installed half screen with heavy-duty handle. Screens are removable from the inside for convenient storage. We also offer ThruVision Screens improving view thru the window protecting interior from insects and allowing perfect ventilation.
ThruVision Plus is our fiberglass visibility screen that improves the view by making it sharper and more vivid.