The panes in OKNOPLAST windows are covered with modern low-emission coatings that increase thermal insulation in rooms. In packages with increased breaking strength, tempered glass is used. Our own production of glazing packages and the use of modern scanners allow for better control of materials and liquidation for even the slightest defects or dirt on the glass. The offer includes a wide selection of glass panes with various designs, matching any interior.

Ornamental And Sun Blocking Glass

Ornamental glass allows light to enter the interior of the room, increasing the heat and depth of its functions while maintaining privacy. Sun blocking glass reduces the permeability of solar energy, thus reducing overheating of interiors and providing a comfortable living environment.

Ordinary Glass

The main difference between traditional glass and safety glass is the way it cracks. If the pressure applied to ordinary glass exceeds its strength, it breaks into large, pointed pieces. This is a significant safety hazard and increases the risk of injury.

Laminated Glass

P2 and P4 laminated glass has greater resistance to impact and breakage, which helps protect against burglary. Laminated glass is made with PVB film which is also used in the windshields of cars. This ensures that the cracked glass does not crumble, and its pieces remain attached to the film, protecting against cuts.


Tempered glass has increased breaking strength and higher resistance to high and variable temperatures. An advantage of tempered glass is also safe cracking. This means that in the event of shattering, the glass will break into hundreds of small, blunt pieces, reducing the risk of injury.