Thanks to the use of unique solutions, OKNOPLAST fittings allow for easier operation of window and terrace sashes. They provide safety and comfortable usage for an extensive number of years.

The standard Tilt & Turn window has two anti-theft hooks and blockage in case of wrongful usage of the handle. It also lowers the risk of break ins.

The micro ventilation standard for windows and the anti-latch lock increase the comfort of use. Optional, richly equipped.

Anti-burglary fittings increase protection against burglary by using the fittings in class RC1 or RC2, as well as IFT Rosenheim certified anti-burglary joinery (stolarki) in class RC2 or RC2. TBT (Tilt Before Turn) fittings’ name comes from the order of its settings: closed, tilted and opened positions. Changing the opening sequence is beneficial when we want to stop the window from unintentional opening: in kindergartens, schools or hotels. Hardware with Topcoat coating is another example of the adaptation of fittings to unusual conditions. TOPCOAT is a new type of galvanic coating resistant to aggressive chemicals and environmental influences that cause corrosion. The fittings are made of high quality steel and covered with a 3-layer coating (zinc layer + passivation + Topcoat). The coating provides not only increased corrosion protection but also high resistance to scratches, water and dirt. The coating is also recommended for windows installed in coastal areas.


The anti-burglary hardware with RC1 burglary resistance class provides protection against forced entry (kicking, hitting, pulling out) by applying additional protection to each window corner and using a key lock handle.


The anti-burglary hardware with RC2 burglary resistance class improves protection against burglary with the use of force or tools. The window hinders entrance into the house through appropriately spaced mushroom striker plates, a key lock handle and the special P4 glass.