effiAIR – Effective Home Ventilation

EffiAIR is a new window functionality. This is an effective perimeter ventilation system that takes care of air circulation while providing security against intrusion. It will ensure healthy sleep and silence in the bedroom, defend you from insects in the living room, and help remove exhaust fumes from the garage.


Thanks to the separation of the sash from the frame, we create a ¼ inch gap around the perimeter of the window. This allows for natural ventilation and building a healthy indoor climate.


We improve the quality of life. The perimeter ventilation system continuously and effectively defends your home against insects, drafts, flooding, moisture, and wall mold.


Security is important. The perimeter ventilation system takes care of air circulation, while effectively anti-burlgary protection.


We like comfort. Constant fresh air in the house, regardless of the time of day, the presence of guests or the weather.


You don’t need to open the window to have fresh and healthy air inside. the effiAIR system is an exchange of air without drafts and slamming windows.

Efficient in the Kitchen

Effectively takes care of air circulation when you cook.
Kitchens are the realm of culinary enthusiasts. They are also where extremely intense smells of frying, baking, or cooking mix. So, efficient ventilation of this room is extremely important. The ideal solution is an effiAIR system which ensures the circulation of fresh air, even when the windows are closed.

Efficient Ventilation

Effectively protects against moisture and mildew on the walls.
Every day the bathroom serves as our home spa, where we prepare for a new day and refresh ourselves after the hardships of everyday life. However, a shower or bath can cause high levels of moisture, creating ideal conditions for the growth of fungi and mold. Take care of your health and ensure proper ventilation with the effiAIR system.

Save in Children’s Room

Effectively takes care of children’s safety.
When thinking about the safety of our home, the first thing we have in mind is the protection of our children. Every parent wants to create a dreamlike yet safe play space for their child. The effiAIR is the ideal system, it provides excellent ventilation of children’s rooms with the windows closed.

Fresh in the Garage

Effectively helps to remove exhaust fumes from the garage.
A home garage greatly increases the safety of our car. However, it is also worth taking care of our health in this room. Exhaust fumes left in the garage without proper air circulation can persist for a long time and build up with every engine start. Ensure that your garage is properly ventilated with effiAIR and at the same time.

Quiet in the Bedroom

Effectively takes care of silence when you are resting.
Everyone values a peaceful sleep. It is very important for health. It is best to sleep in well-ventilated rooms. However, opening a window is associated with the intensity of outside noise especially in cities or houses located along busy roads. The solution to the problem is the effiAIR system that allows you to ventilate the room without having to open the window. Limited!

Sefety in the Living Room

Effectively defends against insects.
The period from spring until autumn is a time to fight the insects which try to storm our homes. We usually seek shelter from them in our comfortable living room, where we watch movies or spend time with the family in peace. To persevere without buzzing over the ear or scratching, bet on the effiAIR system, which will ventilate the room effectively while blocking the access of insects.